Excel Housing Solutions provides quality accommodation and support within shared properties in the Merseyside area. 

The ​service offers housing options for individuals who have a history of tenancy breakdowns and may also have a range of support issues such as substance misuse, mental health, offending behaviour and poor life skills.

​​The staff at EHS will work with clients to address the underlying issues clients have to enable them to sustain their own tenancies successfully in the future.

EHS works closely with Local Authority Homeless Teams, Merseyside Probation Trust, Crisis, Women's Services, ISIS Kirkdale, and providers of other support services within the borough.

​​Clients are encouraged to work together to provide a safe secure environment, and this will be facilitated by EHS staff through a serious of house meetings and workshops. 



​​Services: age 16+

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Services: age 18+

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Family Accommodation 

Has your family been evicted or due to be evicted for rent arrears, anti social behaviour or do you need accommodation due to domestic abuse? 

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