Case Study: Simon’s Successful Story

Once Simon moved away from his home town, having suffered from family issues and subsequently, finding himself homeless on the city’s streets, he opted to sought accommodation by moving North to Liverpool, and staying with family. This residency lasted a short while, and consequently, Simon was made homeless yet again.

He then presented himself to Sefton Housing Options for an assessment, which upon completion, granted him the duty of care as well as suitable accommodation with ourselves.

We aided Simon the same day by providing him with food vouchers, and travelling to receive the food parcel, as well as seeking toiletries for him. Staff at Excel Housing Solutions then helped Simon apply for benefits the next morning, and due to some previous issues with the DWP Simon had to attend the Job Centre. Our staff accompanied Simon to his appointment, and at another appointment involving his Universal Credit, helping to provide support for him.

Our staff also facilitated the needs of Simon, by registering him to a local doctors and dentists practice, whilst also referring him to attend weekly English and Maths lessons, as well as teaching him to cook on a budget and walking around the local area with Simon to familiarise him with the area.

Staff at Excel Housing Solutions also supported Simon to attend a property viewing for accommodation. Staff completed a referral to the E.L.A.S. scheme, along with a duel housing benefit application, which enabled Simon to stay at his temporary accommodation until the basic essentials were implemented. Staff had also aided Simon in the collection of furniture.

Simon successfully moved into his accommodation, and is now content with his current life, and is employed full time. We at Excel Housing Solutions wish Simon all the best in the future.